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Manas 2 (2015), 2.

Published on 12.12.2015

ISSN: 2367-6256

Gradev, Vladimir. The Senses of the Spirit. – In: Manas: Senses and Sensitivity, Vol. 2, 2, 2015.

2015 / Volume 2 / Issue number 2 : Senses and Sensitivity

The Senses of the Spirit

Vladimir Gradev


This essay aims to capture a kind of general sensitivity that allows us to feel the world in which we are without being thereof, either as our 'home' or as a space which we need to cross in order to perform ‘the step beyond’. Thus it seeks to show that the essence of religious experience is not some kind of doctrinal content, but first and foremost a type of feeling, based on a ‘non-participating participation’, which, on the one hand, allows to reach ‘the spark of the soul’, the true spiritual nature of man, and, on the other, initiates the evolution of the world through the momentum of its transcendence.

The main text of the article is in Bulgarian