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Manas 2 (2015), 2.

Published on 12.12.2015

ISSN: 2367-6256

Tsvetanova, Asya. Doomed by the senses: “Rakesh’s character” in his "drama of non-communication. – In: Manas: Senses and Sensitivity, Vol. 2, 2, 2015.

2015 / Volume 2 / Issue number 2 : Senses and Sensitivity

Doomed by the senses: “Rakesh’s character” in his "drama of non-communication

Asya Tsvetanova


The article presents the three full length plays of the contemporary Indian writer Mohan Rakesh and his contribution for the establishment of the modern Hindi drama. Studying the complex nature of the main male character in the three plays of the author, who epitomize the dialogical nature of the modern man, as well as Rakesh’s cherished topic regarding the man-woman relationship, the article offers an innovative approach to Rakesh’s plays by defining them as “the dramas of non-communication” which the main male character – the so called “Rakesh’s character” – is bound to live with but never live through.

The main text of the article is in Bulgarian