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Manas 2 (2015), 2.

Published on 12.12.2015

ISSN: 2367-6256

Dyulgerov, Ivan. The Qur’an about studying the religion. – In: Manas: Senses and Sensitivity, Vol. 2, 2, 2015.

2015 / Volume 2 / Issue number 2 : Senses and Sensitivity

The Qur’an about studying the religion

Ivan Dyulgerov


This study is dedicated to the qur’anic verse (9: 122) which is about studying the religion as a socially significant activity. It may be considered as an attempt at interpreting the verse in question from an intratextual semasiological prospective. The starting point is on the realizations of the root morpheme /f-ḳ-h/, in particular the verbal lexeme faḳiha “understand” compared with ʻalima “to know” and ʻaḳala “to comprehend”, and their contextual meanings. Very important is the relation between them and the noun ḳalbun “heart” which is the main tool of complex perception within the frame of the lexical and semantic system of the Qur’an. Thus has been reached a conclusion that is similar to some of the opinions adopted by the Islamic tradition, and seems to be associable with them. According to it, studying of the religion means that one has to cross over the level of the signs and meanings in order to reach the very deep foundations of them.

The main text of the article is in Bulgarian