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Manas 3 (2017), 1.

Published on 01.11.2017

ISSN: 2367-6256

Vasileva-Yordanova, Albena. Daynovska, Denica. Sarieva, Yona. East-West: The Intercultural Encounter Through Visual Reading. – In: Manas: East–West: Languages, Cultures, Societies, Vol. 3, 1, 2017.

2017 / Volume 3 / Issue number 1 : East–West: Languages, Cultures, Societies

East-West: The Intercultural Encounter Through Visual Reading

Albena Vasileva-Yordanova, Denica Daynovska, Yona Sarieva


This text aims to contribute to the efforts for building culturally sensitive communication between the East and the West. Because visualization is a powerful media for building mutual understanding and, unfortunately, can be misused for creating stereotypes, we chose to suggest strategies and offer specific tools for intercultural analysis of visuals. These strategies are illustrated using the authors’ visual materials (photo and film). We approach the collected visual materials from a variety of perspectives in the effort to achieve an in-depth and culturally-sensitive interpretation. In addition, guidelines for the application of the discussed analytical tools and strategies in educational settings are offered.

Keywords: strategies for intercultural communication, language and mediation, documentary visual materials, observations and analysis, the East and the West, veiling of Muslim women, interculturality in education

The main text of the article is in Bulgarian