Manas. Studies into Asia and Africa.

Electronic Journal of the Centre for Eastern Languages and Cultures
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Guidelines for the Authors


Formatting Requirements

Font – Times New Roman or other Unicode fonts; NOTE: Only Unicode-based fonts are supported for transliterations and any non-Latin/Cyrillic scripts.
Size – 12 pt.;
Alignment – Justified;
Line spacing - 1.5;
Margins – Normal.

Size of the Article

The articles should not exceed 20 pages (including the references).


The articles can be written in Bulgarian, English, German, French, Russian, as well as in any of the languages taught in the Center for Eastern Languages and Cultures at Sofia University.

Structure of the Article

  • Title (Heading1);
  • Authors name;
  • Affiliation (institution, city, state);
  • Abstract;
  • Keywords;
  • Text of the article; Sections and subsections to be formatted as Heading 3, Heading 4 etc;
  • Notes;
  • References;
  • Information about the author;
  • Appendices (if any).


The Abstract should not exceed 600 characters (with spaces) and itis presented in two languages. The first is in the language of the publication and the second one is written in one of the other official languages of the journal. Reviews and briefs do not need to be accompanied by an abstract.

The keywords for the article should be provided in two languages, following the same principle as for the abstracts. It is recommended that the keywords do not exceed ten words.

Illustrations and image files

If the article contains any illustrations, they must be in JPG or PNG format. Their resolution should be at least 800 pixels and not more than 3000 pixels on the longest side. If you cannot insert them into the article, you can send them to the editors as attached files, specifying exactly where they should be placed. Please add to your article a list of illustrative material, if any.


The reference materials are cited within the text in the following way: 

(Witzel 2000); (Witzel 2000: Ch. 1); (Witzel 2000: 25-38); (Witzel 1990a, 1990b). 

The list of references should be given after the text of the article in the following way:

Cao 1995: 曹广顺近代汉语助词. 北京: 语文出版社, 1995.

Jakobson 1960: Roman Jakobson.Closing Statement: Linguistics and Poetics. – In: Style in Language. (Ed. by Thomas A. Sebeok) New York–London: The Technology Press of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960.pp.350–377.

Johnson 2013: Michael Johnson. Historical studies., 2013, 17.04.2017.

Zülfikar2006: Hamza Zülfikar. Doğru Yazalım Doğru Konuşalım. – Türk Dili, Sayı 649, Ocak 2006. рр.56–60.

Information about the author 

A list of information about the author should be attached to the article. The information must be brief (with the size of the abstract) and include: 

  • Your academic rank and position (if you have one); 
  • The name of the institution you are affiliated to;
  • The name of the faculty, department (section) or other units in the system of the institution you are affiliated to;
  • Information about your fields of interest and areas of research;
  • Office address;
  • Email and website (if you have one).